Wings of Steel

March 24, 2007


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Welcome to Wings of Steel, a story made using The Sims 2! While Wings of Steel can be enjoyed by itself, it’s a lot easier to follow (and more fun), if you’ve previously read Knock it Down. Wings of Steel takes place six years after the ending of Knock it Down. It starts out following Valerie and Nicolas, but they’re eventually joined by a few characters you may just remember. There’s no ‘main character’ and at times will follow two or three different plots at once. Everything, however, is connected. The fun part is finding out how!

Use the menu at the top to navigate the site. The story is told in chapter format, with several subsequent parts in each chapter. In order to navigate, please select either Chapter View or you can view entries individually in Entry View. Please note that Wings of Steel uses imagery that is intended for a teen/mature audience! Please feel free to comment with any feedback, questions, etc… I answer all my comments and I always have.

I am both happy and sad to announce that Wings of Steel has ended. Thank you, everyone, for your continued support! Angel of Lies has begun and is the true end to the series.


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