Wings of Steel

October 15, 2008

The Great Destroyer: Act IV

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I did my time and I want out
So effusive – Fade – It doesn’t cut
The soul is not so vibrant
The reckoning – The sickening
Packaging subversion
Pseudo sacrosanct perversion
Go drill your deserts – Go dig your graves
Then fill your mouth with all the money you will save
Sinking in – getting smaller again
I’m Done! It has begun – I’m not the only one!

And the rain will kill us all…
We throw ourselves against the wall
But no one else can see
The preservation of the martyr in me

There are cracks in the road we laid
But where the temple fell
The secrets have gone mad
This is nothing new, but when we killed it all
The hate was all we had
Who needs another mess?
We could start over
Just look me in the eyes and say I’m wrong
Now theres only emptiness
Venomous, Insipid
I think we’re done – I’m not the only one!

The limit’s of the dead…
Slipknot, “Psychosocial”

Christian sat in a heap, unable to go any further. He had no idea where he was, all the corridors were hauntingly similar. He felt like a small mouse trapped in an endless maze. The only thing missing to make it even more disturbing were fun house mirrors. A heavy breath parted his lips and he closed his eyes.

His choice weighed heavily on his mind, pushing down hard on his shoulders. It felt as if the world itself hovered over him, threatening to drop and crush him completely. He had sworn to abide by Sanctus Unus, to do whatever must be done for the greater good… and he had failed. He turned his back on that promise, that oath, and everything that he had become.

The realization washed over him harshly, causing every fiber of his being to cry out in revulsion. What had he done? His stomach rolled and his vision tunneled as the sounds and sights around him dimmed and became distant. He was no better than Onael; he had betrayed Sanctus Unus just as she had.

And for what? Nothing. There was nothing he could do and that fact alone made his skin crawl and his anger build. The lack of control was overwhelming and it made him realize just how little power he truly had. Sure, he could shape his own destiny, but would good was that if any deviation caused everyone else’s to shift? He had already caused a great disturbance, this much he knew… and for nothing. He couldn’t change someone else’s fate, even if it stared him blindly in the face, taunted him, and tortured him until he wanted nothing more to just die and have it be finished.

Death would not come for him, for fate is unforgiving and rarely kind. Instead, it would pass him by and leave him to suffer endlessly. How can he sit idly by? How could Sanctus Unus possibly expect him to accept this and do nothing? Perhaps the omnipotent being hadn’t, perhaps he had been played again.

Dark thoughts filled his mind and he found himself drowning in despair and sorrow. What was the point? He was helpless. He would have to sit by and watch it happen and do nothing. He’d sooner die.


  1. Once again, Melissande to the rescue! Now Christian can stop sulking and start doing something useful. Did she know he was coming, or have some sort of Spidey-sense that he’d arrived?
    Well, I hadn’t expected to see Amon and Freya again. So she’s just cleared out their realm and they’re like fish out of water, huh? That’s interesting. Aww, don’t be mad. (Will not say get Glad.) I hear faith helps you live longer.

    Haha, yes, Melissande is definitely cleaning house. This all goes back to when Sanctus Unus sent Melissande away. She knew her mistake in not realizing Onael had a daughter sooner. She knew she wouldn’t be able to help Christian, so she put Melissande in a place that would benefit. That’s why Melissande was sent there, not just for Nicolas. ;)

    Comment by Fini — October 15, 2008 @ 9:57 am

  2. I really enjoyed this chapter! It demonstrated the fact, in which I have always believed, that in most difficult and hopeless situations women take over and make the world move… Beryl saving Christian, Melissande reconciling the two enemies and Freya encouraging Amon not to give up… I am extremely proud of them! Thanks for this fantastic chapter! I really got a lot of pleasure while reading it))

    Aww, thank you! I really appreciate it. :) As for being strong, well, it wasn’t intentional. It’s more the personalities that decide that, not necessarily the sex. But I’m glad it’s pleased you!

    Comment by Kathy — October 15, 2008 @ 12:08 pm

  3. I was wondering where Freya and her tribe had gone to. Should have known that Onael had captured them.

    I think now everyone is feeling like a pawn in Sanctus Unus’ game. I know I would after all that they’ve been through and have yet to go through.

    Hehe, some folks had been inquiring after them, so they are making an appearance in the end. Their fate has been mentioned and hinted at for awhile now. As for feeling like a pawn, Sanctus Unus isn’t some horrible chess master. What is being done is necessary for the fate and survival of everything and everyone.

    Comment by E. Black — October 15, 2008 @ 1:54 pm

  4. Firstly I want to say what an amazing update. So full of emotion and heartache, tension, fear! Your screens are absolutely lovely, clear and matching the tone of the chapter itself.

    Now, LOL! my usual rant 80)

    The insight to Christian’s depression and heartache over his choice, so very powerful, heartbreaking, and altogether emotional. I truly felt his sorrow. What a fitting line to match his mood, “Death would not come for him for fate is unforgiving and rarely kind.”

    Then to switch into the biting, sarcastic, straight forward, yet nearly concerned Melissande. I am really beginning to like her very much, LOL! Such a change in the emotions, an inspiring accompaniment to the darkness of Christians soul. 80)

    Nicholas…Poor misguided, cowardice fool! Now how old is he again? you would think he would have developed some semblence of a back bone, LOL! absolutely loved Christians come back, how he put Nicholas on the spot and demanded the truth of his actions. And then ending the whole shaky truce with Christian tolerating him for the time, had my giggling. Nicholas’s response so true, that is certainly a shaky truce there. And so nice to hear more of Melissande’s attitude despite her concern for her brother and what Christian was going to do.

    The look on Christians face when she told him Beryl was coming if not already there, what a perfect shot! matched his surprise completely.

    Absolutely beautiful update Mao, I am truly on the edge of my seat waiting for next weeks update… Biting my nails too out of fear for everyone, especially for Amon and Freya’s clan. Oh boy I hope they will be safe.


    Aww, thanks, Cherie! You are too much. :oops: Christian has found out something he was never supposed to and acted foolishly. Now he’s shifted fate so far that he’s frightened he may have messed everything up. Worse yet, he turned his back on Sanctus Unus and has betrayed what he has become. He really isn’t have a good day. As for Nicolas’ words, I wanted the character to finally express that nothing he did had an ulterior motive in favor of Valerie. He was only thinking of himself. Christian made a lot of good expressions for this update, I was so happy!

    Comment by cheripye822 — October 15, 2008 @ 2:44 pm


    Haha, Phil! You should have just saved yourself the typing and said everyone. ;)

    Comment by Phil — October 15, 2008 @ 4:08 pm

  6. Another great update… I really enjoyed the first scene with Christian, his reaction to the whole problem was very human, he tried to keep it cool but he broke down as soon as everything sank. he just wanted to help and really didn’t think things thoroughly. lol so he didn’t have any plan at all!!! :D lol

    And I so agree with Melissande, lol Christian is just the same old Christian, loved her line “with a shinier coat of paint!” lol that definitely sounds like Melissande!

    Nicolas, lol well at least he didn’t run! And had the guts to accept his guilt… and he is still the same jerk as before too… everything he caused and he would do it again!!! such a selfish jerk!!! :D lol but I still like/dislike him.

    I really feel so sorry for Freya and her kind :( I hope they will make it alive… Sanctus Unus sure chose the worst time to leave…. well let’s hope that everything would be good at the end!!!

    Great job, and awesome pictures as always!!! :D Bravo!

    Thanks, Sandy! Christian is definitely wallowing, but what he did was stupid. He realizes that. Too bad it is too late. Unfortunately, it wasn’t his fault. He learned something he was never supposed to know and well, there’s a reason things are kept secret sometimes… As for Sanctus Unus, it did not choose when to leave. It can only maintain a body for so long and its time was running out. It had to return and rejoin the energies and strengthen them–as well as Laszael and the others. It also needed to rest for what will come.

    Comment by sandybvv — October 15, 2008 @ 8:57 pm

  7. Oh… so much sadness. It’s terrible to see Christian so bitter, but I am surprised he didn’t rip Nicholas to shreds. I wasn’t expecting a reunion between the two that wouldn’t end in violence.

    Would Sanctus Unus really abandon her charges? I’m a little confused by that, as it would not be in anyone’s best interest, besides Onael. Not for the mortal or the supernatural realm.

    Have we met Amon before?

    I was really worried about this Act. I was sure that Nicolas was getting his curtain call, but Christian spared him in favor of focusing on Beryl. I guess he has realized just how badly he’s messed things up. As for Sanctus Unus, it did not abandon them… but it had to return to its slumber. Everything it has set into motion to protect and save what can be saved. Freya knows, through her devotion, that they have not been abandoned… but that they must suffer as everyone else. She is holding out hope that Sanctus Unus has provided them a second chance, as well.

    We met Amon way back in Chapter Four: Weight of the World. He is Freya’s mate and the leader of their clan. He made his entrance in Act II.

    Comment by Veron — October 15, 2008 @ 10:34 pm

  8. I don’t think Beryl should go anywhere with that belly. But she is damn stubborn anyway. Onael is a bitch! What have she done with Freya and her people! Hate that bitch!

    LOL! So much hate, but I think Onael has brought it on herself. ;)

    Comment by karen — October 16, 2008 @ 12:39 am

  9. Hopefully Christian will have his little light bulb go off to realise that even if it wasn’t what he was supposed to do, his actions were predictable enough to make sure someone was there to kick him in the ass and make him stop sulking. I didn’t think I could love Melissande more, but I so do.

    Oh, and we get to see what happened to Freya and Amon…so is Onael feeding off of their energy herself or just has them there to drain the energy from their realm. I suppose this connects in some way to Christian and his powers.

    Haha, you’re right. I think he knows that and it is what bothers him most. That it was predictable he would “fail”. We know how Christian is about failure… and Melissande totally salvaged the situation just as Sanctus Unus knew she would. I felt so bad writing that scene! Poor Amon and Freya, but Onael caught them back when Nicolas was still trying for Valerie. Onael is giving them a very slow and very agonizing death.

    Comment by goodbye_sun — October 16, 2008 @ 9:18 am

  10. Onael is such a bitch. That woman needs to be taught a lesson. That is such a cruel death for Amon and his people. They don’t deserve that at all.

    I like Melissande’s attitude. I too was surprised Nicholas owned up to his actions with Valerie. And Christian has only just realised Beryl would try to find him? He lacks faith in how much the woman loves him.

    Haha, she is quite cruel. Melissande is trying to hold it together, but we’ll see. She’s not one to have much strength for too long. She’s more of a follower. Christian hadn’t considered that Beryl would come after him. He is always the one who has been the protector and the one in love.

    Comment by Ysbal — October 16, 2008 @ 5:53 pm

  11. To watch Christian struggle with anger, fury, fear, responsibility, and doubt while faced with Nicolas and fate is so difficult. Hard to believe he didn’t really understand that Beryl would go after him, but then she’s spent so much time and effort pushing him away.

    yes, Melissande is kickass but she can’t do it alone.

    I started to laugh when I thought you were going to suddenly turn Nicolas! That guy is always going to be who he is — self reverential. But he knows who he is.

    beautiful writing, and every shot brings the emotion and energy right through the screen!

    Poor Christian is really struggling and it isn’t about to get any better. You’re completely right, Melissande can’t. She needs someone else there with her. Nicolas has an idea of who he is, but the more he learns about himself, the less he likes it. Sometimes, though, we can’t change who we are and what we do. Awww, thanks, Beth! I’m really worried about these last few Acts. I don’t think I can do them justice…

    Comment by Beth — October 17, 2008 @ 1:07 am

  12. What was the point? Ugh. that boy and his self pity. I swear. *sighs* that despair and sorrow, that is Onael .. not Sanctus Unus’ doing.
    footsteps.. oh oh oh Melissande! It has to be.. yes! *laughs* thats my girl, totally call him on it, get his rear in gear! oh how I love that girl .. how she puts up with both of those weak men, i just dont know. hmmm, its no wonder she was attracted to my Eckhard
    Good for Nicolas .. he should own up to what he did and pfft. no he wont be forgiven by Christian, but knowing Valerie.. she will. and yes Melissande get them boys moving!
    Oh no, Freya and Amon! I love those two. they’re so powerful in their love and devotion and gosh look at them .. so weak and frail and … Christain save them! Oy!!
    *bounces* great update Mao .. golly I hope someone saves Freya and Amon.. erm along with everyone .. heh.

    Thanks, Ruby! Christian isn’t necessarily being weak–he’s not being smart. Remember that we don’t know what he knows… we will soon enough and hopefully that will explain why Christian is grasping for nonexistent straws. Also remember that Eckhard and Christian are birds of a feather, they just express different personality traits. If you have a look at the stuff I’m doing over at my simfic50 site for the prologue, you’ll see a lot of Christian in Eckhard. ;) As for Melissande, she is cracking the whip! She knows how to keep everyone in line, that’s for sure, but I’m not entirely certain she’s as confident as she wants us to believe. Poor Freya and Amon. :(

    Comment by ruby — October 20, 2008 @ 10:52 am

  13. Hmmmm, I wonder what else Christian knows that we don’t. *goes off to think*

    I see from your blog that you’ve also been on a bit of a hiatus. Don’t stress about it! I TOTALLY understand. :-D

    Thanks, Beverly. It’s just a really insane time right now, lol. I managed to finish Act 5, though! Woo. :D

    Comment by Beverly — October 20, 2008 @ 2:23 pm

  14. Kill him, Christian! He’s just a coward, and a liar. No one plays with Valerie and gets away with it! *shakes fist* (LOL) Poor Nic.. how I used to like you so much. Now you’re just pathetic.

    Christian should have realized that Beryl would come after him. She’s already done a lot of stuff similar to that in the past. She’s not the kind of girl to take stuff sitting down.

    Melissande is shining here. The one with the brains. I like that. <3

    Haha, Nicolas certainly is a lot of things, but I think he’s coming around. He has a looong way to go, though. Don’t worry, Christian hasn’t forgiven him, this is just a temporary thing… just until the mess is sorted. ;)

    Comment by JMW — October 21, 2008 @ 12:19 pm

  15. Mao, things are really getting tenser by the minute here. But clearly Sanctus Unus has not only given them their choices but has anticipated their moves. And the fact that Melissande of all people seems to be instrumental in keeping the boys focused was interesting. I want to ask myself what’s in it for her as much as I ask myself that about Eckhard, who I do like…but don’t trust.

    I feel for Amon and Freya so much to know they are dying and yet where one feels resigned and hopeless the other is steadfast in her faith.

    Christian should have known that Beryl would come looking for him with both barrels blasting. He isn’t thinking straight and everyone can still fix this.

    And I am pretty sure Nicholas is going to get a butt whooping at some point and he knows it.

    Thanks, Gayl! Melissande certainly had her part, but it wasn’t planned from the beginning. It was more of one of those ‘on the fly’ type of things. ;) What’s in it for Melissande? Survival. That’s what it has always and will always be about for her. Seems strange, but it’s true. Freya and Amon really depress me, I hated writing that part. This ending is just killing me slowly with each Act. :(

    Comment by Gayl — October 22, 2008 @ 3:19 pm

  16. Unless I’ve got the wrong end of the stick, Christian knows what will happen to Beryl, junior and everyone else, and if they have to be sacrificed he will survive? It seemed that in a round about way he was thinking “I’ve messed up, Beryl will die, and I’ll have to live forever without her because part of the deal is that I’m immortal now” :( I’m glad he didn’t kill Nicolas though (or hasn’t killed him yet).

    Poor Freya and Amon *sobs* I remember Freya having to convince Amon that they had a duty to stay loyal to SU and the master plan, but a big part of her must be regretting it at the moment.

    Nope, you’re right. He knows Beryl’s fate and that’s why he jumped to such a harsh decision. And you’re right. That’s exactly it. Harsh reality, right? As for Freya… I don’t think she regrets it, but she isn’t happy about the way it’s gone. A lot of their people suffered painful deaths.

    Comment by Tanya — November 5, 2008 @ 5:11 pm

  17. Oh no! All this time I had been nuturing the hope that maybe Nicolas wasn’t just a bad guy and now with that confession it becomes apparent he is. Poo. I really wanted him to be good deep down inside.

    Melissande is so kickass at the moment. I love it how she knows she is a pawn and seriously does not care.

    To me, Melissande is always kick ass. She’s just expressing it better at the moment. She’s always been the one to hold the three together, LOL! Nicolas, yes. This Act was specifically tailored ot that purpose. Nicolas is not and will never be a good guy.

    Comment by Verity — May 2, 2009 @ 1:39 pm

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