Wings of Steel

April 13, 2008

Chapter Eight: Reflection

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Valerie always knew there was a ‘catch’ to becoming a true Seer, but she’s just beginning to realize that it might be a price she isn’t fully willing to pay. Furthering her doubts and whispering in her ear is a familiar face with questionable motives. Can Valerie overcome her own demons and break the chains of her mortality, or will she allow herself to give up before she’s truly begun?

Eckhard has remained quiet about his own purpose in all of this, but Sesana isn’t so tight-lipped. Can they overcome their differences and help Valerie, or will the strife between them cost Valerie her life? And what of Sanctus Unus? Is the omnipotent being truly as benevolent as it seems, or is there some hidden ulterior motive behind its pleasant smile?

Chapter Contents:
Act I
Act II
Act IV
Act V
Act VI
Act IX
Act X

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